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As of now I have sold off most of my World War I military item collection.

This was several years of intensive study and vigilance to find many rare pieces of web gear, uniforms and equipment. At it's peak I had a full side of my room filled with these items. In total I may have spent well over $20,000.

After time had passed and I moved on to other interests, such as motorcycles, I decided to sell my collection back on the market piece by piece. Some items were vary hard to part with as I may not ever see one again, but it was an assuring thought to know that I had them for a time. WWI was never the most popular conflict in the American militaria collecting world, and I only had a handful of fellow collector that were intensive as I was. Still, it was  good to have made good friends and connections along the way.

Many of my items made their way to Europe, as there seems to be a larger demand for these things there.

So, now that I am down to only a few items left, I can use the money earned to pursue another interest in life. I think I'll travel a bit.
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DeepBoss Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
That sound great! I know it can be hard to let go of collections the you have had possession of for a long time, but I hope that you have gotten a good amount of money back in return.

I am not all that surprised really that this kind of stuff is more valuable in Europe, being from the UK both the world wars are a very big thing over here, we are even having a big centennial celebration over here in 2014 to mark the start of the war; I think the rest of Europe are celebrating it in there own way to. I wonder if we will celebrate the centennial to mark the end of the war in 2018?
David31 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
If you moved on and wanted to sell your stuff, fair enough, hopefully you'll get a good price for it all.
The-WaxBadger Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012   Writer
I'm glad things have worked out well for you then. I know it's hard to sell off collections but like I found, there comes a time and place where one has to choose priorities.

I do sort of wonder how you have been feeling, you seemed to be in indecision over whether or not you are leaving up your DA account.
KrDoz Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
I'm frustrated a good bit, and because of that I am at a block. The fighting in the Raccoons fandom and my best friend leaving dA has dampened everything.
The-WaxBadger Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012   Writer
I'm sorry about that, yeah it's not good when people get into fights. I know that's why I often stay clear of video game fandoms, its not that I don't like video games but so often they are at war with each other over things that aren't important.

Hopefully you will be alright, I do think looking away from DA for a while would do you some good, it would help recharge your emotions.
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November 3, 2012